Culinary Village Community Out-Reach Program

Our goal is to grow new farmers and chefs through hands-on training, mentorship and additional educational opportunities. We are committed to training  low income individuals who can not afford to attend due to a lack of finance and but have the motivation to be a Chef. This program will not only educate the individual it will help create a unique job skill. Culinary Village of One wants to help strengthen our national food system and security by providing careers for talented young people eager to enter the field of agriculture and culinary world. We want to take an opportunity to invite local schools via field trips to educate even the youngest. Giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, and play a very important role in understanding and respecting what it takes to place food on the table. 

Our apprenticeship program will train and develop chefs in the art of organic agriculture over a season-long, hands-on work experience. Over several seasons of working with apprentices, we will develop an intensive Apprenticeship Program Curriculum, which is a thorough informational resource for farm/ chef apprentices to study throughout the course of the season. The curriculum covers more than 20 key topics ranging from soil science to whole farm planning, each of which is integral to understanding a small, diversified farm operation.

Season after season, our energetic and driven students will be the lifeline of daily life on the grounds and it will be exciting and rewarding for us to act as mentors to the next generation of American Chef and agriculturist.  We are especially excited about working with young people who are interested in careers in food and farming since our careers in agriculture began through an apprenticeship program. We want to be the first in the area to provide a community based Agriculture program to young and willing, low income students in the area. We believe that these students will be the most important crops we will grow.